8 Common Myths About CBD Oil Exposed

 CBD oil myths debunked
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 CBD oil treatment

What You Need To Know About CBD Oil

There are plenty of people who suffer from chronic pain that stand firmly behind cannabidiol or CBD oil. Are you one of these people? You may have heard stories about CBD oil, but you may be uncertain if it's your cup of tea. Because of its close link to marijuana and THC, CBD oil is often highlighted in a bad light and may sometimes get a bad reputation. But this should not be the case.

This article will focus on some of the common myths surrounding CBD oil. You may have come across some of these false statements on the web or through talks, discussions, or word of mouth, or you may have simply made certain assumptions. But soon, you'll get to learn that CBD is a safe alternative to synthetic painkillers, like NSAID, that have numerous harmful side effects and that CBD oil is an effective treatment for cancer, epilepsy, inflammation, and many other health conditions. After perusing through this piece, you'll be in a much better position to decide whether CBD is bad or not.

 CBD oil myths debunked

1CBD Oil Can Only Be Taken Internally

Not all CBD products need to be ingested to work. CBD oil topicals, such as soothing balms and salves, can be applied directly onto the skin. Many of these topicals also include beneficial natural ingredients, such as botanical blends and essential oils. These salves and balms are applied directly onto the joints, muscles, and skin for enhanced results in the affected areas.

The majority of people are already acquainted with taking nutritional supplements in the morning, so including CBD oil capsules in your daily regimen shouldn't be that hard. Most CBD capsules have a moderate dose of CBD of about 25 mg or more. You can easily start your day with CBD capsules in the same way you do with multivitamins or fish oils.

 CBD oil common myths explained

2CBD Oil Isn't Trustworthy

This is another common myth about CBD oil. The demand for CBD oil has risen in recent years. The compound is very much sought out in the natural products industry after getting the widespread media attention that includes the much-publicized piece by Sanjay Gupta called "Weed" that first aired on CNN. CBD oil products have since then become a common item in grocery stores, medical marijuana dispensaries, and doctors' offices alike, with no special permission required to purchase.

In the human body, CBD interacts with the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS, which was first discovered in the late 80s, controls the body's general state of balance or homeostasis, which has an impact on immune response, pain, hormone regulation, appetite, sleep, and overall mood. Just like an acrobat on a high wire who is affected by his surrounding environment, your body's general state of balance is influenced by the environment, and the ECS comes in to regulate the body's reaction to your environment to maintain homeostasis.

 CBD oil common myths explained

3You Shouldn't Buy CBD Oil Online

If you don't already know, most CBD products are sold on the web. Purchasing these products online is easy, quick, and convenient, and the products you buy are delivered straight to your home or office. More and more medical cannabis dispensaries are being opened all across the United States, and most of these dispensaries operate under strict health and safety rules and regulations put in by law. When buying CBD oil products (those with low THC or CBD), you don't need to have any special card or permission; however, to buy marijuana-derived CBD oil, patients need to have permission from their doctors who must be duly registered and certified by their state's medical marijuana program. This rule only applies to people who reside in the states that are yet to legalize marijuana for medical use.

With the lack of sufficient legislation governing the distribution of CBD products, it's not easy to be certain about the quality of the product you are buying. This leaves consumers vulnerable to using low-quality CBD products that may cause adverse side effects. However, despite these shortfalls, it is possible to get your desired CBD products online. Numerous reputable companies offer strong, safe, and reliable CBD products to consumers.

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4CBD Oil Isn't Well Tested

CBD oil is both thoroughly tested and proven. After harvest, hemp plants are put through a specialized solvent-free extraction process that produces high-quality hemp oil that is rich in cannabidiol. The pure hemp oil or hemp extract is tested for quality, safety, and cannabinoid content before being sent to processing facilities in the United States. The process of importing any hemp or cannabis product into the United States is very complicated and, not to mention, difficult, and this is mainly because a lot of caution is exercised when bringing in any CBD or hemp product from outside the country.

Before being cleared by the U.S. border and customs agency, CBD oil has to be inspected and tested before being allowed to enter the country. During those many miles of transportation across the Atlantic and in transit, proper safety protocol is followed to ensure that the hemp oil is safe from contamination, damage, or degradation. All this is done to ensure that you get the very best hemp and CBD oil products. The end products are then tested one last time immediately after manufacturing has been completed to ascertain the cannabinoid content, quality, and safety of the products before they are shipped to consumers across the United States. Most of the testing and safety practices highlighted above are not required in the natural product and dietary supplement industry under the law; however, given the widespread use and reliance of these products, the producers have to go the extra mile to ensure that everything is thoroughly tested at all stages.

cannabidiol for treatment

5There's One Best Way To Take CBD Oil

There is no single best way to benefit from CBD oil, as users have different reasons why they use this natural compound. Currently, there is a broad spectrum of CBD oil products available in the market, ranging in potency and price to meet the needs of all consumers. The most potent type of hemp oil product is 100% pure CBD oil. This pure CBD oil is extracted directly from the stalks of the cannabis plant, tested, and packaged for sale with no additional processing. Pure hemp oils have the highest CBD content and usually packed in 100 mg servings or more.

Other types of CBD products include those that are made by diluting the pure CBD oil with alcohol and other natural-based oils. CBD liquids, which sometimes are referred to as CBD sprays or tinctures, have a wide range of benefits to users. These products typically come in servings ranging from 1 mg to 20 mg, which is frankly sufficient for most consumers. CBD liquids also come in a wide variety of flavors for those who like to have some fun. On top of all this, CBD sprays, liquids, and tinctures are some of the cheapest hemp products on the market.

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6You Can Get High From CBD Oil

It's a common misconception that CBD oil can get you high, but this couldn't be further from the truth, as CBD does not have the psychoactive effects of THC. This means that you can go about your daily tasks, like working, looking after your kids, and driving, without worrying about being adversely affected by CBD. Your senses are not influenced or dulled in any way after taking hemp oil.

People who suffer from chronic pain often experience shock waves running through their bodies after being touched even slightly. This can result to fear of touch, which can interfere with personal relationships that involve physical interactions. However, they do not have to live in fear, as CBD can provide them with the physical and emotional pain relief they have been long looking for.

 CBD oil benefits

7CBD Oil Has Side Effects

People who suffer from chronic pain can use CBD as a natural painkiller without any fear of adverse side effects. CBD improves the body's immune response so that it gets rid of the pain itself without becoming dependent on a specific drug or medication. A study that investigated the effects of CBD on pain found that it was effective in treating both chronic and severe pain in a wide range of conditions. As opposed to synthetic painkillers, CBD products do not cause any harmful side effects. Numerous researchers have noted that the future of CBD pain relief products is very bright.

In 2015, researchers found a link between cannabinoids and their corresponding effect on pain and various related medical conditions. This discovery has given patients who suffer from IVD-related conditions some much-needed hope. CBD is an ideal natural treatment because it does not cause any negative or psychoactive effects in patients. It is also readily accepted by the body through the existing receptors in the ECS.

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8CBD Oil Is Not Natural

The naturally non-psychoactive (low THC) hemp plant species are cultivated in many parts of the world and imported into the U.S. for use in building materials and in making textiles and many dietary and nutritional supplements. The hemp plant is quite diverse, with more than 1000 known varieties in existence. CBD oil is an extract of hemp plants with significantly higher concentrations of cannabinoid than others. These highly potent plants contain other beneficial compounds as well, such as fatty acids, minerals, essential vitamins, and other non-psychoactive compounds. CBD oil is imported into the country just like any other commercial hemp product and can be delivered to all 50 states.

CBD oil is different from the organic hemp oil or hemp seed oil you find in many grocery stores. Hemp seed oil is an incredible nutritional supplement that's rich in minerals and vitamins, but it does not contain any CBD. In the past, many studies have been conducted to look into the effects of cannabis on the body. Now that ordinary people, scientists, and lawmakers are all aware of the benefits of CBD oil, without the psychoactive properties of marijuana, we can expect CBD to take the natural products and supplement industry by storm in the coming months.

 common myths about CBD oil

As you can tell, there are many myths and misconceptions about CBD oil that are not true. CBD oil is trusted and proven by multiple stakeholders in various industries; it is effective in many ways. It's a simple and convenient treatment for chronic pain.

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the false information surrounding CBD oil. Now, you know the truth about CBD oil. There is only one thing that's left to do: deciding whether you want to end your chronic pain with the help of CBD oil today!

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